Best Tiger Prints Photography

As breathtaking as it is fierce, the tiger is a beautiful yet rare animal widely known for its classical black and orange stripes and a formidable presence in any environment. The beautiful stripes on its body keep the tiger well camouflaged and make it look charming all at the same time. The best tiger prints photography comes very close to capturing the likeness of nature’s most fearsome predators.

Many art connoisseurs choose tiger photos as their wallpaper because the color perfectly complements their bathroom decor (and communicates their mood for the day).

We’ve rounded up the 8 best tiger prints photography for you to choose from – or take inspiration from.

8 Best Tiger Prints Photography

1. Black and White Tiger Staring (B00RDDWKAU)

Think of tiger prints as nature’s neutrals. Just as a tiger’s stripes help camouflage it in the wild, these patterns will blend right into your room – staring you right in the face. The stylish black and white neutrals are perfect examples of artwork and graphic designing done right. In this mural, the tiger has a piercing gaze that will definitely scream for attention and act as the perfect conversation starter.

The mural is spread out over four panels that are easy to install on your wall.

2. Small Tiger Canvas (B07Z8DMRPB)

Tigers come in all shapes and sizes. Like other creatures on earth, tigers follow the typical circle of life – as pet-worthy kittens deserving of all your love to giant menacing monsters of nature capable of piercing flesh with a single swipe of the paw.

Abstract art is designed to be interpreted differently each time – some will see a normal household cat having the heart of a cat, while others will see an actual tiger cub in the earliest years of its life, staring adulthood in the face. You can choose from 5 different sizes – choose the largest print if you’re the biggest tiger fan around.

3. 3 Piece Canvas Wall Art (B0713W4Y3H)

A high resolution, high quality tiger print that is bound to make a high impact statement in your living room. However, if you plan on introducing this bold and busy print into your room, try to keep everything else neutral and simple otherwise you could overwhelm the decor. Like the last entry on this list, this photography is scattered across 3 high quality printed panels.

The artwork is designed on shrink-resistant canvas for longevity and quality reasons.

4. Tiger Rests in Forest (B08GLYXG1L)

Tiger prints are a natural fit for chic, colorful interiors. Even if you’re using them sparingly, the busy patterns command attention. Here, the photo shows a tiger resting under the shadow of trees in a forest – makes you wonder if it’s resting before or after the hunt. Either way, the tiger adds a new layer of personality and pattern to any room.

Each canvas is set against a 1.5″ thick frame bar for the purposes of longevity and durability. Choose from 4 different sizes.

5. White Tiger During the Hunt (B00RDDOP08)

White tigers are brimming with confidence – giving you more self-assurance and creating a bigger impact on your decor. Try this style of animal print in your living room – but only if you have the eyes for this style of sophisticated tiger-centric decor.

If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, take your decor up a level and buy a tiger print throw and that should have the desired effect you want. And if you’re a maximalist, you could invest in multiple copies of this print and hang it in the living room, bedroom, and bathroom. The mixture would look great in nearly all circumstances.

6. 4 Panel Art Wall Tiger Sitting Under the Sky (B00MWSCN9Y)

This tiger artwork isn’t for the faint-hearted. But if the prospect of a tiger overlooking the horizon under the dramatic sky is up your alley, then this artwork should definitely do the job.

The key to making sure this style of artwork pairs up perfectly with your color palette is the rest of your home. If you really like tiger prints, repeat the orange stripe pattern throughout the room in one way or another. This means you need wooden furniture and amber flooring with pulses of black. But for the most part, the wall canvas is going to suffice.

7. Baby Tiger Animal Decor (B07X1Z4CM5)

Don’t forget that all tigers start their life as kittens. These are ‘cuter’ versions of the killing machines that they would one day grow into. This colored version of a tiger print shows the animal in a far subtler and tamer light. The mildly patterned markings will compliment most styles of interior decor. You could go one step further by choosing coffee tables, bedside tables, and chests of drawers with a similar amber print.

Combine all of these and the result will be intriguing and your home decor will feel nomadic and spirited.

8. Japanese Retro Canvas Wall Art (B07XNW41ZL)

Using prints that portray conflict in decor takes a little more commitment, but it can work really well if the rest of the room is scaled down. What makes this piece instantly recognizable, apart from being overwhelming, is the conflict that it seems to portray between tiger and man. A timeless conflict that continues to this day as rapid urbanization takes over the natural habitat of the tiger.

Final Thoughts

The key when using tiger prints is not overdoing it. Use the same approach as you would when designing your outfit – maybe you incorporate a tiger skin purse for a subtle touch – but you never go overboard with the print.

Hanging animal prints on your wall is an attention grabbing move. These patterns make a loud statement. There are many sorts of variations that you can go for, from throw pillows to large-scale tiger motifs – but wall art seems to be a popular combination.

We hope this blog has given you some of the best tiger prints photography ideas for your next interior decor project. What’s your favorite print?