5 Best Pop Art Prints

The best pop art prints are an excellent tribute to the rebellious art movement in the 50s that infused consumerism with cultural art. Modern interior designers use this trend today to create quirky, satirical illustrations, expressive art, and nostalgic imagery with many wacky designs, grainy textures, and comic strip-inspired detailing.

If these themes align with your aesthetic style, you will enjoy the top wall art prints we share below.  We scoured virtual stores to ensure that there’s something for everyone on our list. From basketball jocks, divas to musicians, let’s see which one of these prints resonates with you.

Read on to pick a favorite.

#1. Pop Art Prints Set of 4 by Carefree Bee


Haus and Hues present a wacky collection of tongue-in-cheek prints for bedrooms, dorm rooms, makeup rooms, and recreational spaces. All illustrations are offered in a traditional comic strip style featuring ladies smoking, applying lipstick, or witnessing the nuclear explosion. The unique color scheme primarily consists of bright yellow, acid green, preppy pink, and bold red with black font and outline.

The imagery is impactful and has enough oomph in making head turns when you hang this in your bedroom or dorm. The manufacturers ensure that the ink won’t fade away by using specialized UV-proof ink. The team uses an industrial-grade Giclee printing process, and a semi-glossy finish extends its durability. All these traits make it a permanent fixture in your living spaces.



  • Customizable sets of wacky pop art prints
  • UV and damage-resistant inks
  • Semi-glossy finish to complete the look
  • Reasonably priced
  • Size: 11.2 x 8.8 x 0.15 inches

#2. Gum Poster David Bubble Pop Art by Haus and Hues


The best pop art prints redefine home decor with their bold strokes and animated displays.

Haus and Hue do the same by giving Michelangelo’s infamous Statue of David a brand new look. They infuse pop art printing traditions by creating an illustration that shows the Biblical figure blowing pink bubble gum against a blush pink background.  The playful aesthetic adds a dramatic flair to your room.

It’s a modern take on Renaissance and pop art movements with a humorous twist.

The package comes with an unframed print. This gives you a choice to hang this spunky display with putty, thumbtacks, or double-sided tape on the wall. You can place it in the dorm, art studio or frame it for your workstation.  Combining the Giclee printing process and UV-resistant printing ensures that this piece of art stays the same years later.


  • Classical design with a pop art twist
  • High-definition printing
  • Ready to frame or hang, depending on your convenience
  • Size: 12 x 16 Inch

#3. Pop Art Famous Basketball Player Inspiration Quotes [ Kobe Bryant ]


Heroes come and go, but legends are forever.


If you’re a fan of the legendary Kobe Byrant or know someone who rooted for the NBA star, then this pop art print is for you. The handcrafted artwork features the Los Angeles Lakers champion in an iconic moment with the quote (mentioned above) painted next to his portrait. Its vibrant colors and detailed design create a dynamic look.

This pop art print for basketball fans is made from premium-quality canvas for durability. It is coated with glossy acrylic paint to ensure that it always looks brand new. Other options from the same artist include a Mamba Forever tribute poster and a cool Stephen Curry pop art print in a similar design style. You can purchase the complete collection to create a DIY wall of fame by hanging these prints in your gym, home office, or living room.


  • Premium-quality canvas with glossy acrylic coat
  • The package contains one hanging hook
  • Size: 10 x 10 x 1 inch

#4. Audrey Hepburn Wall Art Makeup Pink Lipstick


Whether you have a Paris-themed powder room, bedroom, or fashion enthusiast leaving for college, you’ll love this chic vintage canvas.  This Audrey Hepburn Wall Art makes the best pop art prints for framing and gifting. It features the Hollywood beauty putting on lipstick in a grayscale image. Her bubble pink lipstick adds a pop of color to the iconic portrait.

Expect a ready to hang canvas print upon delivery with high-definition graphic printing. The manufacturers use the Giclee printing process to [maximize durability and premium ink quality. You can hang the canvas as it is or frame it with other makeup-centric wall art.


  • Giclee print canvas pop art
  • Vintage design
  • Ready-to-hang
  • Size: 12x 8

#5. Warhol Style Rock Star Guitars Set



Musicians are raving about this Andy Warhol-inspired rockstar-themed pop art print set. This contemporary collection includes four autographed prints featuring guitars played by iconic musicians. Namely, Eric Clapton, John Lennon, Jimi Hendrix, and Jimmy Page. The funky colors and filters add to the aesthetic vibe of these wall art prints.

You can buy these cool prints for yourself or a musician you know. They will look great as part of an 80s cafe decor or a sound studio too.  As far as quality goes, you can expect nothing but the best from Yellowbird Art and Design. They use archival paper for printing and fade-resistant inks to protect your quirky wall decor from getting worn out with time. The overall presentation is stellar, and you get four rocking images at a reasonable price for gifting and decorating. So it’s a win-win situation for you.


  • Printed on archival paper
  • Creative pop art design
  • Contemporary art for musicians
  • Size: 8×10 inch

Our Final Thoughts

On the whole, the best pop art prints give you a fun medium to express yourself. Use these wall art products to flaunt your style with colorful designs that match your wit and personality. Alternatively, displaying wall art with pop cultural references can be the talking point for new conversations when you’re entertaining guests.

So which one of these decor pieces will you take home?