Dear artists, customers and friends of accessART,

With pain in my heart but with no regrets, I have decided to stop the business activities of accessART as per end of January 2018.

Despite the support and loyalty of many of you, I was not able to turn my ambitions into a profitable business. Therefore my team and me have decided to take on new challenges and pursue our ambitions in different directions.

I had a great time working on accessART. We were able to help help artists sell their works worldwide and were able to bring people in contact with art that never knew they liked it. We participated in great events, filled many walls and were able to bring a lot of smiles on people's faces.

I will contact our artists soon with some ways to proceed with selling their online with some of our colleagues worldwide.

Thanks again for putting your trust in us, it meant a lot to me!



Founder of accessART