Best Vintage Art Prints

Have you ever looked at your home décor thinking something is missing, and that one missing element can bring a massive change to your room? More often than not, we get so engrossed in finding the perfect pieces of furniture and show-stopping accessories that we pretty much forget about the blank walls staring right back at us. If you truly want to transform your space, decorating your walls with the best vintage art prints can elevate your interior design instantly.

Vintage art prints are a great way to jazz up any room. They are unique, sophisticated, and hold a certain nostalgic value that makes them a great addition to any home. Apart from their aesthetic appeal, decorating your space with art prints can also be good for your mental health. After all, several research studies have found that there is a connection between art and healing.

It is also worth mentioning that vintage art prints can complement any décor style, be it contemporary or cottage core.

5 Best Vintage Art Prints

Here are the best vintage art prints that will add a hint of charm and elegance to your home.

1. Vintage National Park Art Prints


The warm tones and beautiful colors of this nature-inspired art print set perfectly captures the ethereal beauty of some of the most stunning rock formations in the United States. The vintage art posters by Haus and Hues illustrate the Grand Canyon, Yosemite, Yellowstone, and Rocky Mountain National Parks. These mountain prints are a great way to bring nature indoors, adding a classic element to your home décor.

You can display these Vintage National Park Art Print Posters in your home using a traditional frame, mount them on a hanging frame, or secure them to the wall using thumbtacks or double-sided tape. This stunning wall art set is printed on premium solar white semi-gloss paper using UV and fade-resistant inks. The high-resolution art is highly pigmented, with a high-end appearance that could rival the original work of art.

The set of vintage artwork is available in the size of 8 inches x 10 inches.

2. Vintage Antique Map of the Moon Wall Art Print

(ASIN: B07794NNXX)

The Antique Map of the Moon Wall Art Print by Lone Star Art Store is one of the best vintage art prints for those who love astronomy and space. The charming wall art can become the focal point of any room, drawing the attention of everyone who visits your home. You can display it in your bedroom, living room, hallway, workplace, or dorm room. It also makes for a perfect gift for family, friends, and colleagues.

The art print illustrates a telescopic image of the moon, highlighting the lunar seas, mountains, and craters. It comes without a frame, which allows you to be creative with its display. Moreover, the Map of the Moon Wall Art Print is resistant to fading and will last for years to come. The seller has printed it on semi-matte Fuji Crystal Archive paper, so you know it’s going to look great on your wall.

The size of the ready-to-frame art print is 11 inches x 14 inches.

3. Vintage Palm Reading Chart

(ASIN: B07FZT9J71)

Do you have an interest in palmistry, or have you always found astrology to be rather intriguing? If that’s the case, you’re bound to fall in love with this Vintage Palm Reading Chart. This zodiac-inspired art print is absolutely incredible, with crisp vectors interpreting different lines on a palm. Even if you have never visited a fortune-teller before, this wall art will undoubtedly pique your curiosity and be a topic of conversation for everyone who visits your home.

You can display this vintage artwork in any corner of your house – be it your bedroom, living room, reading nook, study desk, or even the dining area. Its monochromatic colors also make it an ideal addition to homes with minimalist and modern décors. The seller, Lone Star Art Store, has printed this art on a semi-matte Fuji Crystal Archive paper, which means it is durable and resistant to discoloration.

The frame-less Vintage Palm Reading Chart measures 11 inches x 14 inches.

4. Black and White Vintage Car Poster Art Print


If you’re looking for the best vintage art prints for car enthusiasts, you don’t need to look any further. The Black and White Vintage Car Poster by Haus and Hues features an El Camino classic pick-up against the backdrop of a Florida suburb. The coconut trees and wall shrubs in the background of the parked vintage car also add to the mood, making the wall art look even more fascinating. It would also make for the perfect gift for your dad.

This vintage-retro art print comes without a frame, though you can display it in various ways in pretty much any part of your home – including bedroom, living room, guest room, game room, garage, or office. If you love collecting vintage car memorabilia, this black and white art print could be a great addition to your collection.

Moreover, the art print is printed on acid-free and fade-resistant premium linen paper. You can find it in size 12 inches x 16 inches.

5. Vintage French Types of Papillons Butterflies Set

(ASIN: B015Y9Y47Q)

This set of vintage butterfly art prints will blow you away with its beautiful illustrations, fascinating colors, and high-definition printing. The set contains two posters printed on premium quality paper to increase their durability and visual appeal. These vintage art posters feature different types of butterflies or papillons, as they are called in French. You can also find the species names of different butterflies at the bottom of the art print, making it beautiful and informative.

The Vintage French Types of Papillons Butterflies Set is available in different frame prints, canvases, and papers. In other words, you have an option to choose the best art print that suits your space. You can hang it in your bedroom, guest room, kid’s bedroom, living room, home office, or reading corner. It will also make for a great housewarming gift.

This vintage artwork measures 11 inches x 14 inches.

Our Final Thoughts

The best vintage art prints can give your space a complete makeover. They can incorporate depth and color to any dull corner of your home, making your décor look more cohesive and high-end. You can frame these art prints in traditional frames or hang them above your desk or workstation to give your eyes a break and allow your mind to relax.