Best Bathroom Art Prints

Out of every room in your house, the bathroom is one place that can always benefit from simple (and affordable) art upgrades. The best bathroom art prints don’t have to consume your entire schedule and can make more of an impact in your space than a full bathroom remodel.

Ready to reimagine your bathroom on a budget? See our roundup of the ten best bathroom art prints that will reinvigorate your space.

10 Best Bathroom Art Prints

1. Beach and Nautical Prints (B07HMJFDK3)

Go bold with beach and nautical prints to make a statement that not only adds color to the space but also personality. The turtle, seahorse, and whales are ideal if you want a modern piece of work that is instantly recognizable. It’s amazing how gentle nature-based shapes can bring an entirely fresh and new perspective to a bathroom.

You can get the mural pieces in different colors and sizes, depending on your exact goals. Better get there fast though because these murals are selling like hot cake.

2. Farmhouse Wooden Frame (B085VDJ544)

Quirky and rusty, this wooden frame will look ultra chic in any bathroom, especially if it has a farmhouse styled bathroom. This frame is relatively easy to install in your bathroom, either by placing it on a rack or hanging it on the wall. The humor in the caption will fill the room with energy and intrigue. It’s worth noting that frame is designed by dedicated artisans who specialize in this style of art.

3. Cow Framed Glass Art (B083QR829L)

A simple trick for making almost any bathroom artwork is with an animal print. This cow-framed glass art appears as a cohesive set with even colors and forms. It’s a simple way of adding a bit of flair to your bathroom. The frame glass art is especially for renters who may be worried about causing damage to the walls and upsetting their landlord.

All the materials for the painting were made using high quality materials in the USA. Meanwhile, the art itself was designed by independent artists who are lending their creativity to energize your room.

4. World Map (0792293177)

Worried that your bathroom is too simplistic in terms of design? You might want to give it a quick antique-inspired makeover with this world map. The map is bound to pop against neutral walls and can also complement the overall look of tiles and fixtures. It’s a great choice for most bathrooms.

5. Abstract Blue Ocean (B08YQN523H)

This oversized canvas painting is bound to set the tone in the bathroom and command attention. It adds a vibrant pop of color that feels perfectly balanced and intentional. The canvas painting may not match the decor style of your bathroom, but it can be used to complement the overall style. Who doesn’t like an ocean themed artwork anyways?

6. Tulip Rose Wall (B075ZSC2C6)

This bold abstract print brings vivid colors to your bathroom that will certainly make a statement on your walls. If you’re big on tulips, then you will love this abstract print. We are fans of the fluidity of each color that makes you feel at peace and serene – just the type of painting that will work in bathrooms. Ready to add a piece of tulip art to your bathroom to integrate the decor with a vibrant splash?

7. 3D Butterfly Wall (B01670718K)

Create the wonderful feeling of summer in your bathroom at any time of the year with this simple 3D butterfly wall. Besides, everyone likes to see beautiful and brightly colored butterflies, and what’s the harm in bringing a butterfly-inspired motif in the form of bathroom wall decor?

Installation of these decorative decals is easier than wallpapers. You can start decorating your room and expressing your inner creativity.

8. Boho Wall Art Decor (B08SBV6MZL)

Not all types of bathroom decor have to scream for attention. The trick is to find artwork that subtly complements the rest of the room’s decor, by sticking to colors that are already being used. This pack of 3 abstract paintings is bound to match most bathroom walls or echo the hue of fittings or linen. In all cases, the edginess of the painting will ensure that the bathroom’s look feels rather updated instead of ‘forced’ and ‘boring’.

9. Pack of 8 Framed Bathroom Art Decor (B08NSXJ6JQ)

Give your bathroom the gallery treatment with this pack of 8 framed bathroom decor. Each piece of artwork features cheesy jokes that may or may not induce a chuckle or two – but it is bound to get you thinking. Isn’t that the point though?

The pack of 8 pieces sticks to a limited color palette (neutral and white) for maintaining cohesiveness and keeps framing colors as well as the materials similar. You can place the frames in both large and small pieces – they are perfectly suited to filling a large expanse of wall.

10. White Floral Canvas (B07TMD56NZ)

This white floral canvas sets the mood in your bathroom Рfrom the ground up. You can also complement your existing gallery wall with a floral canvas. Either way, the floral patterns will delight and surprise you, giving the bathroom a romantic makeover.  Using this painting puts lets you control the mood while also updating the interior decor with fresh accents.

Final Thoughts

The bathroom is just another room that lets you show off your style. It may be short on size, but what the bathroom lacks in space, more than makes up for in its ability to be easily spruced up and redesigned.

As you can see from the ten best bathroom air prints, you don’t have to commit to a full bathroom remodel. You can start out small with wall art or just a canvas painting – neither of these has to break the bank.

The goal with the best bathroom art prints is to infuse the space with calm and relaxing vibes that bring about ease and simplicity. Avoid overtly busy paintings or any style that may be too literal. And most importantly, keep it easy. Let us know if you liked the above ideas.