Best Geometric Wood Wall Art

The verdict is out. Natural décor is considered the ‘hottest design trend’ for 2021, making the best geometric wood wall art a must-have for your home. They take standard wood art to the next level with their clean lines arranged in beautiful patterns. Place one or two such decorations in your rooms and watch everything tie in together.

More importantly, these stunning pieces and their neutral palette blend with different aesthetics seamlessly. That means you won’t have to replace your wall art even if you’re going for a new wallpaper or paint job.

Without further ado, let’s look at the customer-approved wooden wall art available online.

Here are the top picks:

#1. Deco 79 Large Hand-Carved Beige Wood Wall Panels w/ Floral Designs


East meets west with this Deco 79 purchase as you bring handcrafted wood wall art from India to your home. The traditional artwork consists of an intricate floral design with a circular alignment. You can place the three medallion wall art panels closely to make them look like a single plank. The other option revolves around creating a unique configuration by placing them apart. Either way, this artsy find will look spectacular in your home.

Note that this wooden structure is made from premium-grade MDF wood.  Hence, the texture and feel will be slightly different from hardwood frames. The brand sells the same artwork in a distressed brown shade. Choose the version that aligns with the rest of your furnishings to create a seamless look.


  • 3-panel medallion wood wall art
  • MDF wood
  • Available in beige and brown
  • Size: 16×48 inch

#2. Kate and Laurel Baralt Shiplap Wood Plank Art


Kate and Laurel knock it out of the park with this stunning Baralat Shiplap Wood Plank Art. The geometric pattern consists of alternating planks stained with white, black, and rustic brown. The contrasting colors give it a fresh look compared to standard wood artworks.  While the built-in hardware for hanging and sturdy structure reflects the care and love this brand places into its artwork.

Choose this rustic plaque as a statement piece for your home office walls, Scandinavian-style master bedroom, formal dining area, or any other part out of the house. You can buy two or three wall art pieces to cover the whole wall or stick to one patterned display.  No matter how you display this wall hanging, its distressed design will catch everyone’s eye.


  • Decorative distressed wood plank for wall art
  • High-quality design
  • Built-in hooks for display purposes
  • Size: 24×24 inches

#3.  Fresh Rustic Farmhouse Geometric Abstract Mountains by BIRDHAUS DESIGN

(ASIN: B08C77Q42Y)

Birdhaus Design gives the best geometric wood wall art a 180 degrees modification with realistic framed canvas prints. If you’re not keen on buying wooden artwork, this is the next best thing.  This rustic piece features a geometric pattern that looks like abstract mountains.

Its natural wood lattice look creates a clean, modern, and minimalistic look. These characteristics make it an excellent choice for living rooms, dining areas, home offices, and vintage-themed bedrooms. Best of all, its muted color will complement your wooden furniture. That means it won’t look out of place no matter where you hang it.


  • Premium-quality canvas print
  • Wooden texture for aesthetics
  • Size: 36×24 inches

#4. Madison Park Natural Mandal Wall Decor


Madison Park Natural Mandal Wall Decor brings in bohemian vibes with its rustic look and simplistic design. Each of the three wooden frames in this set has distinguished markings that give them a unique look. These characteristics make this wall art an excellent focal point in the room. Alternatively, you can use this detailing to place each frame horizontally in separate rooms when you’re in the mood to switch things up.

You’ll appreciate the hard work and effort placed into these pieces. Everything from its ready-to-hang setup to unconventional geometric pattern makes it stand out from traditional wall art. Hang it in your master bedroom, in the living room, or the entryway. No matter where you place it, guests will be drawn to its beautiful artwork. Those compliments will confirm that you’ve selected the best geometric wood wall art in the market.


  • Chic wood wall art decor
  • Unique handcrafted design
  • Size: 12.6 x 1.18 x 36.81 inches

#5. Rustic Farmhouse Geometric Barnwood Mountains by Birdhaus Designs

(ASIN: B08C91W7DM)

Another fantastic find from Birdhaus Design. It goes to show how innovative interior designing has become in the last decade. Like its cousin piece on this list, this product features a framed canvas print. Yet, onlookers won’t know it’s not natural wood until they’ve looked closely or touched the artwork. The fact alone will make you fall in love with this piece.

More importantly, the brand uses distressed wood in different colors (like blue, green, and brown) to create the mountain scene. Their unique take on rustic art that the best geometric wood wall art doesn’t have to be fifty shades of beige.  The picturesque scene pops against neutral walls and works well with all types of furnishings. Lastly, it serves as an excellent accessory to your sophisticated chicly designed home and offices.

Since the canvas art is larger than the other wall art featured on this list, you might need to check the dimensions of your room before purchase.


  • Geometric wood wall art in canvas
  • Distressed wood design
  • Premium-quality finishing
  • Size: 36×24 inches

Our Final Thoughts

In the end, the best geometric wood wall art allows you to achieve a high-end magazine-worthy look without breaking the bank. The wall art we’ve chosen fits the bill and looks magnificent wherever you place it. All you have to do is shop online, select, and hang your wooden decor to transform your living spaces.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to give your rooms a cozy eco-centric makeover!