Best Paw Print Pictures

Our furry house members become an essential part of our lives, so much so that we find them irreplaceable. Their presence is comforting to our hearts, and when we return home from a busy day at work or a long grocery shopping spree, they are the first ones to greet us on the doorstep. All in all, our furry pets make our lives more livable.

Some people like to celebrate their cats and dogs by hanging their pictures on the family wall in the hallway. Others like to commemorate good times spent with their pets by framing their photos and putting them up on the mantlepiece. Many times, when your furry friends pass away, these framed pictures are a way to reminisce and remember them.

In such a case, paw print pictures are an incredible way to mark their presence even when they are gone. A cat’s or dog’s paws are unique, making the best paw print pictures’ frames unique. We have picked the best ones out there so you can celebrate your pet friend through something that makes them stand out from the others.

4 Best paw print pictures’ Frames

A few paw print picture frames come with a kit to take the print of your pet’s paws and frame it alongside the picture of your pet. We have put together a list of the best ones out there, so you do not have to test each one out.

Pearhead Pet Pawprints Foldable Picture Frame and Imprint Kit

ASIN: B077PN57N4

Enjoying a rating of 4.8 based on 4,617 reviews – this paw print picture frame is Amazon’s first choice as well as ours. It is a complete package that allows you to put a picture of your pet on one side of the foldable frame and their paw print on the other. It comes with a paw print kit that includes soft, air-drying clay material, a double-sided tape, a ruler, and an acid-free bevelled mat with a gray background.

The frame is available in brown and gray distressed wood style and can fit a 4 by 6 inches photo. This makes it perfect for décor, and you can put it anywhere – be it on your desk or mantlepiece. The clay material is 100% pet safe too. This frame can make for a perfect gift for a new pet owner and comes with a complete instruction guide on how to take your pet’s impression on the clay.

Tiny Ideas Dog or Cat Paw Print Picture Frame


One of the best paw print pictures’ frames is the thoughtfully designed Tiny Ideas Dog or Cat paw print picture frame. It enjoys a rating of 4.7 based on 761 reviews and is another one of Amazon’s choices. It is also quite affordable compared to other premium-quality options.

This single brown wooden frame has an acid-free beige bevelled mat and includes a hanger for easy wall mounting. This makes it ideal for hanging in the hallway or your bedroom alongside your own pictures. The package also includes no-mess impression material, rolling pin, and clay shaping ruler.

We love this frame and kit because you get to have your pet’s picture and their paw print side-by-side, and the whole frame does not take a lot of space. It is compact yet complete. And the beige-brown contrast makes it an aesthetic piece of décor.

Pearhead Pet Pawprints Desk Picture Frame and Imprint Kit

ASIN: B076N73WL5

Another lovely paw print picture frame and imprint kit by Pearhead. This one enjoys a rating of 4.7 based on 129 ratings and comes in a beautiful silver finish. As the first frame on the list, this one is also double-sided with hinges in between. What makes it different is the clean-touch ink pad and two impression cards.

For those who find clay prints a hassle, this is the perfect solution. It enables you to capture your furry friend’s paw impression without the mess or worry of dealing with clay. The only thing to keep in mind is that the ink pad accommodates paws up to 2.25” W x 3.5” H. However, the ink pad is 100% pet safe, and your pet’s paw will never touch the ink – making the whole process mess-free.

You can have your furry buddy’s picture right beside their inked impression, and it will make for a lovely décor piece for your bedroom or living room.

SCIROKKO Pet Memorial Picture Frame – Paw Print Kit with Clay


One of the best paw print pictures’ frames is one by SCIROKKO. It is cute, simple, and most importantly, it allows you to insert two paw prints alongside a picture of your pet. It comes with a clay kit with all the essential components. You can play around with this frame in the sense that you have more creative freedom. You can use the more extensive section for the paw impression and two smaller ones for your pet’s pictures.

The plain white wooden frame matches with the white acid-free bevelled mat and would look lovely on any colored, accent wall in your house. It further comes in an exquisite, ribboned box, making it a perfect present for a new pet owner or someone who recently lost their furry friend.

Our Final Thoughts

This was a round-up on the 4 best paw print pictures’ frames that you can get for your beloved pet. These choices will not disappoint, whether to add their presence on the family photo wall or to immortalize them with a keepsake even after they have gone on to the next world. Pawprint pictures are a great way to commemorate and celebrate the uniqueness of your cats and dogs, and these kits also make a great gift option for any new pet owner.