Best World Map Wall Art

World maps are not only educational; they also make for excellent wall art. If you dream of voyaging across the oceans and exploring different parts of the globe, you should ensure your interior design perfectly reflects your passion for a nomadic lifestyle. To help you breathe a new life into your home décor, we have scoured the internet to find the best world map wall art that is equal parts inspirational and aesthetically pleasing.

These stunning canvas wall art pieces are a perfect way to exhibit your love of travel. In addition, hanging a beautiful world map on your bedroom or office wall will help break the monotony of your daily life and allow your mind to relax. It will also make for a remarkable gift for the travel enthusiasts in your life.

5 Best World Map Wall Art

Here is a list of the best world map wall art that will make your space look chic yet sophisticated.

1. Maps International Giant World Map

(ASIN: B00JR92Y8Q)

Are you looking for a statement piece that will serve as the focal point of your room? This extra-large wall map checks all the boxes and more. Printed on a single sheet of paper, the Maps International Giant World Map is simply enormous, measuring 46 inches x 80 inches. In other words, it can occupy a significant portion of your wall. Moreover, the seller has used industrial-quality film to laminate the illustration from both sides. You can even write on it with a dry erase marker and wipe it clean without a problem.

The razor-sharp colors and high-quality printing also ensures the countries, cities, and towns are clearly visible. The beautiful hill and sea shading also add an artistic touch to the massive world map wall art. Depending on your taste, you can display the Maps International Giant World Map in your study area, home office, living room, or bedroom. It would also look great in classrooms, allowing students to learn about different countries in a fun and interactive way.

2. Blue World Map Wall Art


This Blue World Map Wall Art can add a pop of color to your wall and make your space look more visually appealing. This mesmerizing wall art features vibrant hues and high-resolution print that will undoubtedly exceed your expectations. Moreover, the premium canvas of the map is stretched and gallery wrapped across a solid frame, making it more durable and long-lasting. The hook at the back of the frame also makes it easy to hang.

You can display this vintage canvas wall art right above your bed, couch, or dining table. It will also look great in offices, hotel lobbies, and dorm rooms. Moreover, you can gift it to a friend who shares your love of travel. The Blue World Map Wall Art measures 20 inches x 40 inches.

It is also pretty lightweight and weighs around 2.65 pounds only. If you want to create a gallery wall, you can hang this colorful map in the center and surround it will smaller photo frames and art prints for a more elevated look.

3. Personalized Executive Push Pin Travel Maps


You can show off your adventures around the world with this Personalized Executive Push Pin Travel Map created by the experts at National Geographic. The intricately detailed map comes with a hundred pins in red, white, and black colors. It is the best world map wall art for those with a serious case of wanderlust, as it would allow them to track their travels and plan their future trips at the same time.

You can also gift it to an eager traveler in your life, and rest assured, they will appreciate your thoughtfulness.  Furthermore, the antique color palette, rich shading, and quality finishing ensure this wall art matches almost every decor style. The map, which is mounted on a foam board, measures around 39.5 inches x 27.5 inches.

The package also includes a nail and hanger, allowing you to hang the interactive Push Pin Travel Map in any part of your home or office without having to make any additional trips to the hardware store.

4. 3-Piece Black Canvas Map of the World


You can’t go wrong with this modern 3-piece Black Canvas Map of the World wall art that can light up any room with its vibrant hues. It will complement almost every color palette, adding a unique element of interest to an otherwise bare wall. Measuring 12 inches x 16 inches, this canvas wall art is a great décor choice for bedrooms, living rooms, study rooms, hallways, home libraries, offices, and hotels. If you have kids, you can also hang this stunning map in their room for a fun learning experience.

The 3-piece Black Canvas Map of the World is printed on a high-quality polyester canvas flawlessly wrapped around a sturdy wooden frame. It is also relatively lightweight, and the seller takes extra care to ensure it reaches you safely. To make it even better, if you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can always get a refund by contacting the seller.

5. Vintage World Map Wall Art


Last but not least, the Vintage World Map Wall Art is yet another excellent wall décor option for those who love traveling. The canvas wall art mimics the appearance of distressed wood, making it a brilliant addition to any home interior.

Additionally, it’s printed on premium canvas and stretched around a wooden frame. The edges of the frame have also been painted to give it a rustic look. The wall art comes with a metal hook attached to its frame, so you can easily hang it on your wall.

The Vintage World Map Wall Art measures 24 inches x 36 inches, so it can add depth and texture to your room without taking up too much space. You can also hang a few of your favorite travel photos around the world map to ensure your room looks even more dynamic and well-planned. This is one of the best world map wall art for homes and offices.

Our Final Thoughts

If you are in the market for new home accessories, you should consider investing in canvas wall art that allows you to showcase your interests while adding a fun visual element to your room. Our list of the best world map wall art includes something for everyone, so you will hopefully be able to find something that suits your taste and style.