Best Mid Century Modern Art Prints

Among the many genres, mid-century modern art has its prominence and is loved by many. Art enthusiasts love to add to their collection and reflect their love for art through their surroundings. They do not hesitate to decorate their walls with art prints of their favorite genre. And, if you’re a fan of it, this article brings you some of the best mid-century modern art prints to add aesthetic to your walls.

It isn’t easy to define mid-century modern art, but as the name indicates, it represents art from the middle of the 20th century. It is called contemporary art as it breaks with the rules and canons of classical art, particularly concerning figuration. Indeed, during that period, painters or sculptors no longer tried to represent reality as in previous centuries but to show it differently or to free themselves from realism. The list below represents some mid-century modern art prints that you’ll love to add to your collection.

6 Best Mid Century Modern Art Prints

1. Ecyanlv Abstract Mid Century Modern Minimalist Art Painting Wall Poster

(ASIN # B08KS635GN)

This art print is by Ecyanlv, one of the world’s great manufacturers of canvas wall art. This mid-century modern art print is made on a high-quality natural canvas with ECO-ink printing. The image is UV resistant and, therefore, can be used outdoors.

It comes in a set of three frames. Depending on your space, you can get a set of three 16×24 Inch frames or three 20×28 Inch frames. The theme is abstract and vintage. People with unique artistic flavors would love this piece of art. This beautiful mid-century modern art print can add colors to any wall and brighten up your minimalist space. This can also be a wonderful gift for your loved ones on their special day.

2. Mid Century Minimalist Wall Art Wall Decor – By Haus and Hues – Contemporary Boho Wall Art


This mid century minimalist modern art print is by Haus and Hues. It comes in two sizes: 12″x16″ and 16″x20″ inches. It is made on high-quality wood representing clean lines and warm tones. This is a bohemian wall decor that can go well with any wall at your home. It can blend well with most themes and can give a great modern look to your space.

This Modern Bohemian Décor has a simple design that can complement most interior settings, specifically minimalist, Nordic, or Scandinavian wall décor. It is a retro and vintage-themed art print that has warm colors that gently break the monotony of a minimalist theme and will look good on any wall.

Modern art gifts show pretense, effort, and a flair that can help your loved ones complete a minimalist theme. This sun wall decor print is the perfect gift for anyone who loves mid-century modern decor.

3. iMagitek Mid Century Frameless Contemporary Color Block Set of 6


This unique piece of modern art is by iMagitek, a known manufacturer in the world of art prints. This abstract-themed wall décor is unique because of the vibrant colors and images. It comes in a set of six 8” x 9.8” prints that can lighten up any space. These modern art prints are vibrant yet sophisticated that do not disrupt the minimalist tone of your house. The materials used are high-quality, environmentally friendly and waterproof that can give life to any living room, bedroom or office. It can also be a perfect gift for any art lover on their special day.

4. HerZii Prints – Mid Century Modern Wall Art Boho Decor – Set of 3 Boho Wall Decorations Mid Century Modern Decor


This mid-century modern wall décor is a Bohemian-inspired art print that comes in a set of three 8×10 and 11×14 inches art prints. You can order according to the available space. The three terracotta prints represent rainbow, sun and leaves that do not mimic reality. These images are described in the mid-century modern art theme in subtle colors that complement any white space.

These bohemian prints provide a unique and intriguing beauty by bringing the good effects of nature to any home or office. It can also be a perfect gift for your loved ones.

5. Wall Art with Moon Phases Boho Prints by Haus and Hues


This simple mid-century modern art print is by Haus and Hues. This 12 x 16-inch frame is inspired by the Bohemian theme and represents the different phases of the moon in warm earth tones- navy blue, mustard yellow, terra cotta and maroon.

This contemporary modern art print brings an inspiring atmosphere to any place. As the moon continually passes through its various phases, this journey is seen as a symbolic parallel to your personal growth and development. This wall art is for you if that’s the environment you want to create. The bold earth tones bring a different twist on the ordinarily softened bohemian look.

Every art lover is attracted by the laid-back vibe of a bohemian-style wall art print. You can decorate this moon print to any wall at your home or office for cozy warmth and chic sophistication.

6. Abstract Mountains Wall Art Print, Minimalist Geometric Forest Trees Sun Canvas


This mid-century minimalist art print is by Xuoiaynb and comes in a set of six 8 x 10-inch unframed prints. It is abstract-themed wall art in minimalist tones representing geometric forest trees. These can be a perfect decoration for any living room, bedroom or office space. The colors and canvas are of high quality that can also be an ideal gift for someone who loves art.

Our Final Thoughts!

Now you know some of the best mid century modern art prints that can bring colors to any minimalist space without disrupting its simplicity. You can get these art prints for yourself or gift them to someone who is inspired by contemporary art. Do not forget to share whether this information worked for you.