Best Japanese Art Prints

Japanese art is more than just calligraphy or paintings; it also includes origami and sculptures. Japanese art has various forms and styles which are difficult to obtain due to the vastness of the art forms.

This article will focus on the seven best Japanese art prints, which will comprise a mixture of woodblock prints and watercolor prints.

Japanese woodblock prints, also known as ‘Ukiyo-e,’ started in the Edo period. It became famous during the 17th to 19th centuries. The ukiyo-e prints highlighted the magnificence of the urban lifestyle, which is also why they are still so sought after for interior decoration.

From images of cherry blossom trees to Japanese women to Edo period architecture, Japanese art prints are still quite popular today by people worldwide.

So here are our top 7 picks for the best Japanese art prints.

7 Best Japanese Art Prints

1. Japanese Vintage Wood block Print by Katasushika Hokusai

Amazon ASIN #B07Q4ZK76C

Suppose you are familiar with ukiyo-e woodblock prints in Japanese art and want to decorate your living space or office space. In that case, this is a perfect Japanese art print to get. Not only does it have a vintage theme to it, but it is also made using the giclee spray technique. This technique incorporates ink colors that are more resistant to fading, making it suitable for wall décor.

Suppose you are worried about what kind of printing paper is used. In that case, there is no need to worry because this included Epson luster paper, one of the best on the market.

2. Noah Art Rustic Landscape Sakura Tree Canvas for Bedroom Wall Decor

Amazon ASIN #B06XXN9115

If you are a fan of the Sakura flowers, this Japanese wall art should be your top pick. It comes with a frame consisting of 3 panels and a metal hook. This means that you can hang it on your wall or door as soon as you unpack the parcel. Be it a dorm room, office space, bedroom, or bathroom; this Japanese printed art piece will bring a touch of orientalism to your space.

The Japanese art print has a lifelike touch with the Eco-solvent ink, so you will feel as if you are transported to a Sakura park when you look at it.

3. Cherry Blossom Sakura Tree Print with Japanese Calligraphy

Amazon ASIN #B017QHH746

This is another top pick for people who love Sakura trees and want Japanese calligraphy to be incorporated. This is calligraphy printing that was initially done using SUMI ink and watercolors. The unique aspect of this Japanese art print is that it is printed on a special textured watercolor paper giving it a rustic and ancient appearance. That way, you can avail yourself of an experience of an authentic hand-painted Japanese painting and calligraphy.

The Calligraphy translates to ‘Happiness,’ which is precisely what you need in every living space you inhabit.

4. Japanese Nature Wall Art Great Wave Sunset Sunrise Lake Landscape 3-Piece

Amazon ASIN #B091DXLZ44

For those who are a fan of sunsets and sunrise and want to incorporate it with a Japanese touch, you should go for this 3 piece nature wall art. This wall art consists of 3 circular panels having different landscape images. That means that you can place them together on one wall in any order that you want, or you can place them separately in different rooms.

This is printed on high-quality cotton, which means it is soft, durable, non-fading, and lightweight. All 3 Japanese art paintings come with a 3D effect creating a different aura to your living space.

5. IDIOPEX Japanese Samurai Warriors Unframed Wall Art

Amazon ASIN #B07GPD1Q3H

For people who are fans of the Edo period or have admired a samurai’s battle bravery, here is a Japanese art print catering to those requirements. This is a set of 4 pieces that are not framed yet, meaning you would need to purchase a canvas to get these stretched and framed. However, for the price point, you get four different art prints which is a steal!

So you can gift this to any loved one who is a samurai fan and surprise them with this thoughtful present on a special occasion.

6. Japanese Style Oriental Unframed Art Print Poster Canvas for Home Decor


This Japanese art print showing with the red sunset and a samurai warrior will elevate any living space with an oriental concept making this focal point in wall art. This is a high-resolution giclee print on a museum canvas to make it look as natural as possible. It is also ready to be hanged once you unpack it.

If you are concerned about its environmental credentials, you would be glad to know that it is made from environmentally friendly ink, which is also resistant to fading.

7. Japanese Warrior Animal Woman Art Print for Wall Decor

Amazon ASIN #B08C9ZGTV8

This is our last pick for the best Japanese wall art, and we think this is the best of all worlds. Why, you may wonder? It is pretty simple; it has all the classic elements you would see in traditional Japanese art print; tiger, samurai, and a Japanese woman. It is printed on acid-free, heavyweight archival canvas made from natural oak in New Zealand to give it a complete antique look. This makes fitting and rotating your canvas easy while giving it a modern look.

Our Final Thoughts

Japanese art has always been popular in different centuries to give an oriental or Asian flavor to any living space. With the 7 best Japanese art prints, you can decide which type of theme and look you want your room or office space to emit.

Let us know what you think would be your top pick in the best Japanese art prints.