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3 Reasons Why Instagram For Artists Is the Road to Success

3 Reasons Why Instagram For Artists Is the Road to Success

Instagram for artists? Yes please! At accessART we are convinced that Instagram is (part of) the road to success for artists. Instagram has 400 million active users. 75 million of these users use the app on a daily basis. Imagine the potential of presenting your artwork on this global platform!

Instagram focuses on visual content. This makes it a very attractive medium to share applied arts such as paintings and phtography. We believe that Instagram and online marketing for the creative industry go very well together. Do you want to find out why? Keep reading!

#1 It’s visual!

Out of all social media, Instagram is the most widely used, image-centered platform. For many users, scrolling the picture feed is the first thing they do when they get up in the morning and the last thing they do before falling asleep. Users scroll the feed several times a day. They like, comment and connect with others.

Studies show that the brain registers visual messages faster and remembers them better than just text. Most importantly, however, it triggers more emotions! By putting your work of art online, followers from all around the world can see your art and engage actively with you as an artist. Millions of users look for beautiful or inspiring images every second. What better place to display your artworks?

Martine de Ruijter from “Iets Fraais” just starting out on Instagram

#2 Instagram for artists is easy and free!

You can easily download the Instagram App and create your personal account in just a few clicks. You’re ready to go! Upload your pictures, add short descriptions and within seconds your work of art is instantly visible to the community. Create new posts, make comments, like and share – connecting through Instagram is incredibly easy, but its effect can be enormous. Also maintaining and keeping your account up-to-date is fast and will not interfere with your daily art work. That is why Instagram for artists is especially interesting!

Find out the most essential art hashtags and connect with potential buyers on a global basis. Wouldn’t you regard this an effective Marketing tool? And the best thing, it’s all for free! 

#3 It reaches a worldwide audience! 

Instagram helps you to engage with your followers (and potential buyers) in a very informal and personalized way. You reach men, women, young and old – people from all around the globe with different backgrounds, cultures and artistic tastes. If you use Instagram effectively, a worldwide community will notice your artworks.

It’s easy to connect and exchange with any follower – be it an artist or potential buyer – by using the famous hashtags, personal tags and geotags. Research also shows that social media posts by artists, museum and galleries are increasingly influencing art buyers. Help users find you art and connect to potential buyers!

Mick & Wout are finding their way on Instagram and post regularly

Instagram for artists? Yes!

Tell your story through images on a global platform, in our eyes that’s just a perfect fit! Want to learn how? Check our Instagram course for artists now!

Written by: Fiona

Featured image by Unsplash

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