7 Best Vintage Photography Prints

The love for vintage and retro is never-ending. People reuse vintage themes and fashion trends in their clothing and interior design. If you belong to the latter category, you should continue reading because we will discuss the 7 best vintage photography prints.

Vintage photography is considered a long-forgotten art that has made its comeback in the 21st century. It usually focuses on a particular period in histories such as the Old West, Victorian era, or the Roaring Twenties. Thus, it reminds people of a time that passed away, yet they can transport themselves to it through a photograph.

The art of vintage photography has also made its way into print. It is used as wall décor, laptop cover, phone covers, or table mats. So if you are interested in giving your living space or rooms a vintage touch, then here are our top 7 picks for the best vintage photography prints.

7 Best Vintage Photography Prints

1. Vintage Football Gear Photo Print, Sports Decor


If sports and vintage are your choices of themes for interior décor, then this photo print is a perfect addition to your living room or office space. This is a unique piece of art created by an independent artist and photographer, namely Shawn ST. Peter from Saint and Sailor Studios.

This is not an everyday photo print that you can see online or in-store. Still, it is designed to be timeless and classic such that you can pair it with any type of furniture or color scheme.

However, this does not come with a frame, so you need to put in some extra effort to get it framed, stretched, and mounted on a wall.

  1. Zibeth Antique Painting Vintage Photo Poster C590 24×36

Amazon ASIN #B07JFC6SJ9

The vintage photo print of an animal painting is a perfect touch of medieval taste to a home or office décor. This can even be a perfect gift for someone who loves both vintage and animal wall art and wants a good fusion between them. It can be used not only for just classical or medieval homes but also for modern houses.

This is a customized made-to-order piece which means that you can get it curated according to your room’s size and get any additions.

3. Snake River Overlook by Ansel Adams Unframed Vintage Photo Canvas


This vintage photography print gives a beautiful view of the snake river with its accompanying landscape. It is perfect for anyone who wants to journey back into time. Suppose you are into statement photography pieces that are unique and crafted by individual artists. In that case, this one is for you by Ansel Adams.

Since it is unframed, you have a choice to get it framed on wood or any other type of canvas according to your wall preference. It is printed on a semi-matte Fuji crystal paper to give it a long-lasting and non-fading look with an 11×14 size.

4. Vintage Photograph Print Golf Ball on Wood Canvas

Amazon ASIN #B01AYGGW74

A photo for all the lovers of golf with a vintage touch to it. This is an unframed vintage photo print that is printed on premium quality Kodak Endura Luster paper. This type of paper will give you durability, an original vintage feel to the canvas, and it will be resistant to fading.

However, this will be a customized and made-to-order photograph print, so not only will it be customized to your needs, but it will be a unique piece to any office or bedroom space.

5. Wright Brothers First Flight 1903 Vintage Photograph Poster Print


If you are a fan of history and particularly of the contribution made by the Wright brothers in giving birth to the aircraft industry, you would love this vintage poster. It is also unframed, but it gives you the liberty to get it framed and stretched on any canvas. This could be according to the type of focal point that you want to create.

This is an exclusive and one-of-a-kind poster print that you will not be able to find anywhere else, which is why it is no wonder that it made to the list of 7 best vintage photography prints.

6. Buyartforless Paris Eiffel Tower 1925 36×12 Vintage Photograph Art Print Poster

Amazon ASIN #B01H9FKYL8

Just like the Wright Brothers print poster, this is another limited edition vintage photography print that is very much sought after. This is because the image of Paris’s Eiffel tower is the epitome of urban luxury that upgrades your space by giving it a sophisticated and exquisite taste.

Instead of going for a vintage color scheme, this photography poster will engage the viewer with an actual historical image transporting them to the France of 1925. Due to its vertical length, you can customize the length by cutting off the scenery shown below to only have the Eiffel tower framed.

7. Rolleiflex Camera 1950′ Vintage Framed Wall Art Print for Home Decor & Office

Amazon ASIN #B01C8P5OCI

Suppose you are into photography and love images of vintage cameras. In that case, this quirky Rolleiflex camera image in a vintage poster canvas is bound to grab your attention. This is our last pick for the best vintage photography prints. It adds a dimension of quirkiness and retro vibe to any home or office space.

Did you know that this is an archival frame printed or an acid-free matte-proof paper to make it long-lasting and fade-resistant? This is professionally framed in the wood behind Plexiglas.

Our Final Thoughts

By now, we hope you have some idea of what the best vintage photography prints would look like, and it would make it easier for you to curate your personal interior design style according to it.

Let us know what vintage print poster would you pick for your home or office decor?