Best Carved Wood Wall Art

Adoring your home’s interior walls with art is a must, considering that the bare walls always get a little too much to look at after a while. Not to mention, the lack of personality and creative flow in your space may also make your guests feel put out at times. Since art’s main purpose is to put everything together, creating warmth all around, it’s not just a desired accessory but a necessity. Moreover, when you want to deviate from the traditional paintings, you can always go for the best carved wood wall art to make a prominent yet eccentric interior change.

However, if you aren’t sure how to put up carved wood wall art without making them look out of place, there’s nothing to worry about. With the right dos and don’ts in mind, you can upgrade your home’s interior without encountering any hassle whatsoever. Case in point, we will show you the basic tips and tricks of putting up art in this article, in addition to reviewing our top five products on Amazon for your further convenience.

So, let’s start!

5 Dos and Don’ts of Hanging Up Carved Wood Wall Art

Here are five dos and don’ts of putting up carved wood wall art successfully in any given space:

1- Do Think About Size

When selecting the best carved wood wall art for any room, you must consider the wall size and surrounding furnishings. The truth is that getting one lonely carved wood artwork for a huge wall might seem more annoying than a bare wall. Similarly, getting an over-the-sofa art piece that’s smaller than two-third of the upholstery can also look out of place.

2- Don’t Just Buy Anything – Think Aesthetics!

Even if you have the right size guide in your mind, you can’t just buy anything you like. In point of fact, you need to figure out whether the selected art piece will go along with the rest of your furniture in a given room.

3- Do Consider the Right Placement

Furthermore, you can’t place your artwork either too low or too high on the wall since that makes it difficult for the guests to admire the woodwork, let alone see it properly. Case in point, your art piece’s center should always be 57” off the ground to match the average eye level. The only exception to this rule is for paintings that don’t lie in the center portion when putting up a wall collage.

4- Don’t Limit Yourself to One Basic Art Piece

As mentioned earlier, hanging up one basic art piece on a huge wall might look eerie. Therefore, it’s best to either go for multi-panel carved artwork or buy more than one art piece to hang up on the wall side by side when you have extra space.

5- Do Avoid Putting Up Art Beside or Over Heat Sources

Lastly, it’s best not to put up any carved wood artwork too close to heat sources like your stove, sunlight, or room heater. For example, while you can mount wall art in the kitchen, it’s advisable not to put them over the stove since that will damage the artwork instantly.

Now that you know how to choose or put up the right carved wood wall art for your home, we can move on to delineate the best products on Amazon based on high-starred ratings and excellent customer reviews!

The 5 Best Carved Wood Wall Art

1- Fin and Fox Carved Wood Wall Décor

ASIN Number: B08QJSLW57

The Fix and Fox carved wood décor is a set of three 12” x 12” panels, which can be perfect for decorating the bare living room walls to create an instant zest. Its white and golden rustic wood frame can fit well in all settings, no matter the interior décor since the artwork’s color scheme is a blend of dark and light. Furthermore, the panels have high-quality hooks attached to them for the user’s further convenience.

2- GABUR Circular Double Thai Elephant Hand Carved Teak Wood Wall Art


On the contrary, if you’re in search of something eccentric and eye-catching to create a single focal point, this circular GABUR hand-carved elephant might be the perfect pick for you! We suggest buying three of these to hang them side by side on either your living room or foyer walls to create an aesthetic element.

3- AeraVida Floral Hand-Carved Wooden Wall Art

ASIN Number: B079M5JHK2

The hand-carved AeraVida floral wood wall art is an excellent product to fill in those bare spaces that don’t require something eye-striking but still need a little touch of creativity. For example, you can put up a pair of these 11” x 11” x 0.5” floral frames on your empty kitchen or bathroom walls to add aesthetics without overcrowding the vertical space.

4- Asiana Home Décor Large Carved Wood Wall Panel

ASIN Number: B07THV9J9F

For people looking for one large carved wood wall panel to cover an adequate size wall, they might like this Asiana Home Décor panel in brown-teak color. The 35” x 13.5” 0.5” wood art can be an exquisite addition to your bedrooms, living rooms, and even study rooms or home offices that need a much-needed interior wall do-over.

5- Asiana Home Décor Set of 2 Round Carved Wood Wall Art


Lastly, if a dark wood wall art is more your style, we recommend getting this two-panel Asiana Home Décor lotus plaque to upgrade your interior wall’s outlook. You can have them installed in any part of your home, including your kitchen, living rooms, bedrooms, and bathrooms, and they’ll surely match well with all settings as long as there’s a light source nearby to accentuate the wood art’s features.

Our Final Thoughts

With the right dos and don’ts of putting up the best carved wood wall art listed in this article, you can alter your space’s outlook without having to make expensive renovations. However, to ensure your art doesn’t get damaged, it’s best not to touch them unnecessarily since that can wear down the wood’s carving. Moreover, it’s advised to keep the wood frames out of direct sunlight or heat sources and dust them regularly to elongate their lifespan.