Best Art Deco Prints

It comes as no surprise that hanging art deco or framed wall art can breathe new life into your home. The decor pieces you choose can brighten up the space and elevate the feel of your room in multiple ways. The material, the design, choice of color palette, and selection of artists are all variables that can help you pick out the best art deco prints for your home. Art not only has the power to transform your space, but it can help you get inspired and motivate you to accomplish your goals, whether they are short-term or long-term plans.

The art we place inside our homes is more of an investment rather than an expensive purchase. Art deco prints can transform our everyday lives and have proven to improve our physical and mental health.

Let’s take a look at the best art deco prints that will uplift the entire look of your home.

7 Best Art Deco Prints

1. 12pcs Canvas Wall Art Prints – Zunniu


These wall art prints come without a frame, and the design consists of botanical plants. The warm-toned hues give the perfect bohemian aesthetic, and you can place the canvases together to create a display covering an entire wall, or you can choose to place them individually all over the house. The size of each canvas is 8×10 inches that are made up of chemical fiber canvas, comes with waterproof and moisture-proof prints. The minimalist art brings lightness which makes it a beautiful wall decoration piece. You can place these canvases in the living room or your bedroom, or gift them to your family and friends as a housewarming present.

2. 4pcs Botanical Plant Wall Art Prints – Haus and Hues


These stunning four-piece frames come with a design of flower leaves and eucalyptus plants. It measure 11×14 inches, is made up of paperboard, and is complete with a wooden frame. Minimalist art deco and plant paintings have become increasingly popular in modern interior design. The botany plants and leaves bring a calming effect to your home. The packaging comes with chipboard pads to protect against dents and creases. This makes the perfect addition to your home or office space, especially if you’re looking to add natural elements to your space.

3. 6pcs Abstract Retro Pop Wall Art – iMagitek


This package of six unframed wall art posters has an eclectic and retro feel to it. With the vibrant pop of colors and abstract design, this art deco is perfect for bringing depth and character to your living room. Each frame measures about 8×10 inches and is made from non-toxic, safe canvas, which is water-resistant and highly durable. The art deco comprises contrasting hues and vibrant colors, making it the perfect centerpiece for your living room, bedroom, and even in your office space.

4. 4pcs Nature Wall Art – Haus and Hues


This mid-century-inspired wall art features landscape designs with clean, minimalist lines and bright colors that complement each other. The blend of colors brings out a timeless appeal to the art deco prints. The mountain paintings emphasize the beauty of nature and include a mix of Nordic forest prints on semi-glossy paper. Each print comes 8×10 inches in size, and it can go with any interior style of your choice. These prints will go beautifully with modern, contemporary, bohemian, and minimalist interiors.

5. Modern Abstract Wall Art Prints – Haus and Hues


Make your space look more intriguing and inviting with this modern wall art from Haus and Hues. These prints will surely become the focal point of the room, given the bold color palette and a mix of thick flowing lines. The soft lines and curves go perfectly with the geometric pattern of the wall art. These 4-piece wall art prints take inspiration from the rhythms of nature, like the ocean with soft waves, pouring rain, and a sunny yellow sky. This art deco print set blends well with different styles, and you can add a black frame for cohesiveness. Mix and match these prints with other wall decoration pieces for a fun and quirky gallery display wall.

6. 3pcs Japanese Wall Art – Boniboni


These beautiful and intricate circular canvas art prints take inspiration from Japanese landscapes, giving a vibrant touch to an otherwise neutral-toned room. This pack of three Japanese wall art paintings is printed on polyester fabric which is durable, soft, and lightweight. These prints are made using HD printing technology that features vivid colors, clear lines, and captures natural scenery – a sunset, crashing waves, and Mount Fiji across a lake. The panels are also printed, giving it a 3D effect. These prints are available in 2 sizes, a medium-sized diameter of 10.8 inches and a large-sized diameter of 12 inches.

7. 5pcs Mountain Painting Prints – Boniboni


This frameless, nature landscape, mountain wall art print comes in different sized canvas panels that come with 2 small 10×16 inch panels, 2 medium 10×22 inch panels, and one large 10×30 inch canvas. This gorgeous, high-definition wall decor piece is printed over polyester featuring mountain ranges, forestry, birds, and the sun. The vivid colors and exquisite design make it the perfect decorative item that can be placed in the center of your living room wall. The premium quality wall art comes with 100% anti-fade properties, which make the print last longer and is durable.

Our Final Thoughts

Wall art prints and decorative pieces enhance the look of any kind of space. Art deco prints allow you to add a personal touch to your living space and make any room more inviting. Regardless of the styling theme, with the best art deco prints, you can uplift your home’s decor in a fun and artsy way!