Best Minimalist Art Prints

Once emerged as a movement in the 20th century, minimalism has now become a popular approach in modern times. It is about reducing things to their most basic form. It can be applied to everything from art and lifestyles to architecture and interior design. Minimalist art taste is very unique and contemporary characterized by its simplicity and a monochrome palette with color as an accent. If you’re a minimalist and looking for a touch of simple wall art to your home, this article shares with you the six best minimalist art prints.

In minimalist art prints, the trace of the painter’s hand is almost completely erased and no symbolic meaning is claimed, unlike classical painting. “What you see is what you see”. It appeared in the United States during the early years of the 1960s, as an art movement known as Minimal or Minimalism, to promote pure abstract art. The expression of Minimal Art was used for the first time in 1965 by the English philosopher of the analytical current Richard Wollheim in the journal Arts Magazine.

Devoid of any meaning, this notion favors forms over emotions and flat areas over feelings. “Less is more” is the motto of minimalist artists. Let’s discover some of the best minimalist art prints with clean lines and soothing colors to enhance your minimalistic home.

6 Best Minimalist Art Prints

1. Set of 4 Minimalist Art Prints by Haus and Hues


This minimalist wall painting by Haus and Hues is an urban-inspired art print that can be the focal point of your space. If you love to decorate your walls in a way that tells your story to the viewer, this art print is for you.

You can give uniqueness to your space with this piece of art. Haus and Hues have artists from around the world who create art prints for varied personalities and tastes. You get these art prints ready to hang, with or without fancy frames. Add these eye-catching art prints to add conversational decor to any space of your house.

It can also be the best gift for a loved one on Christmas or other occasions.

2. 9 Pieces Botanical Plant Wall Art for Green Plant Wall Decor

(ASIN: B093T11Q67)

This art print, a Boho minimalist wall decor, is perfect for your living room or office. It contains nine pieces of botanical plant art prints, each poster measuring 8×10 inches, the right size to decorate your wall.

This piece of art is made with double-sided printing and lamination technology and has a firm texture and a vibrant artistic touch that is reusable and durable.

These posters are designed especially for minimalists who are plant lovers. The posters are printed with patterns of eucalyptus, peppermint, and other such plants to decorate your home efficiently and intelligently.

You can hang these botanical-themed print arts in the bedroom, living room, office, bathroom, kitchen, etc. These posters can also be the best gifts for your family and friends.

3. iMagitek 8 ” x 10 ” Wall Poster Set of 6 4

(ASIN: B08L32QT5C)

This is one of the best minimalist art prints with six frameless posters that are modern, with a retro touch. Unlike the art prints mentioned above, these posters are colorful and vibrant.

The colorful irregular patterns of leaves, stones, and other shapes make this set a unique piece of art to add to any white wall. Each print measures 8 x 9.8 inches, perfect to complement your living room or bedroom walls.

It can also be a perfect gift for housewarming, weddings, anniversaries, or other happy occasions for your loved ones.

4. Abstract Modern Mid Century Minimalist Art Print, Bohemian Artwork


This minimalist art print is a canvas painting of sun and moon, perfect for your living room or bedroom. The image falls in the Bohemian art category with fantastic geometric décor and classic terra cotta color combined to create a charming mid-century look. The set comes in an 8 x 9 inches size, unframed.

This moon and sun wall decor brings a mid-century feel to your home. What better way to brighten up a small room than with these pretty bohemian art wall prints?

So, liven up and energize any wall or room of your minimalistic house with this art print.

5. WOWA – Minimalist Art Prints Set | Aesthetic drawings

(ASIN: B0917V8F56)

WOWA’s minimalist art print set can be perfect for women’s room decor. It comes in a set of three unframed posters of approximately 8 x 9.8 inches in size.

All you have to do is choose the frame color, width, and sizes that work with your minimalistic décor. The versatility of this set of 4 minimalist wall decorations is endless, adding the perfect touch of simple wall art to any decor.

6. Lakity Minimalist Art Prints Perfect for Home and Office


Black and white wall decor pieces never go out of fashion. This stunning minimalist wall art print is black and white to make any room extraordinary. It is a set of four posters, each measuring approximately 7.9 x 11 inches.

You can hang these minimal art pieces to add a touch of glamor to your walls. The clean lines of each print add to the drama of the black and white theme, often capturing a second aspect.

These modern wall art prints are a great conversation piece. You can gift these art prints and share your appreciation for clean minimal art with your friends, family, and loved ones.

Our Final Thoughts!

We have shared the six best minimalist art prints with you to complement your minimalist house. The purity of these abstract paintings, which are monochrome and colorful, can be seen as the major muses of minimalist painters who choose to end the era of the extreme need for admiration! These are some of the best minimalistic art prints that are representative of pictorial minimalism. Now it is up to your taste whether you want an unconventional frame shape with straight, diagonal, or zigzag lines, or you want contemporary art prints of human faces.