Best Boho Wall Art

Bohemian decor, also referred to as Boho art, is a fun and exciting way of adding funky patterns and colors to update the boring look of your house. Adding eclectic and vibrant wall hangings is a sure-shot way of grabbing the attention of whoever walks into your home. You can choose to buy art pieces that will complement the bohemian vibe, but you can also choose to save a ton of money by turning it into a fun art project and adding a personal touch to your home.

Boho art consists of vibrant colors, eye-catching patterns, various textures, and bold prints. The boho aesthetic is known for its warm tones that help create an inviting atmosphere.

In this article, we will be looking at the best boho wall art options for your home, along with a little background of the varieties of textures you can incorporate and the colors you can choose that will make your space pop.

The Best 9 Boho Wall Art Option

Adding big, different textured, and colorful furniture pieces can end up costing you a lot of money. An inexpensive alternative to achieving the Bohemian style is by adding the best boho wall art to really amp up your space, but with subtlety. Here are different wall decor options that you can add to your home.

1. Decorative Starburst Mirror


This is the ultimate boho-style wall decoration piece that can be the centerpiece of your wall. You can add this as a singular fixture or jazz it up by adding smaller boho-themed pieces to create an eye-catching display.

2. Boho Shelves


Textured wooden shelves are an easy way to incorporate the boho theme into your house. The natural color of the bamboo and soft hues will compliment bright decorative pieces such as ceramic pots, tiny planters, and colorful binding books.

3. Boho Paintings

ASIN: B093H1G3Z9

These nine boho paintings with the color blocking technique consist of warm tones and hues with foliage design and line art. You can either mix and match these paintings are use them in combinations around the house, or you can dedicate an entire wall and put all nine paintings up to give it a more grandiose look.

4. Macramé Wall Hangings


The ultimate bohemian style can be simply achieved using two materials: wood and rope. The braided rope over a stick of wood makes them the perfect hanging feature for a bare wall. You can fix this above your work desk or over your living room console. Adding a few extra pieces that go with the warm cream color will brighten up your wall.

5. Moon Decor Wall Hanging


You can get these at your local thrift store, or you can make them yourself at home. Using a string or rope, you can attach the 13 different phases of the moon – with the full moon in the center and the waxing and waning phases on either side. The golden color and the rough texture give this wall decor a fun and unique look. You can place it over your living room couch or over your bed. This wall hanging will definitely catch the attention of whoever sees it.

6. Mandala Wall Decor


The mandala is a popular feature that falls under the bohemian design category. You can add mandala tiles to your wall, or you can take 14”x14” canvases and paint your own mandalas. This statement piece can be the center point of your bare wall. You can choose a bright color of your choice like blue, orange, sage, or yellow.

7. Riseon Dream Catchers


Dream catchers are signature when it comes to boho decor. You can even make them yourself and turn them into an elaborate piece of decoration for your wall. Using a variety of different sized hoops, take a rope or strings of suede lace and begin wrapping it around your hoop. Using a wax chord, you can begin creating the web for your dream catcher. According to your liking, you can add beads, seashells, and feathers to your dream catchers. Once all seven hoops are ready, take a wire cord and attach the hoops together to make one big wall hanging piece.

8. Sun and Mood Tapestry


The sun and moon tapestry is the ultimate boho wall decor to keep things spiritual and aligned with the bohemian philosophy. You can go for a colorful tapestry or go for the standard black and white design to give life to your space.

9. Macramé Plant Holders


Adding plants and greenery inside your home is a simple and most efficient way of capturing the bohemian style. The macramé plant holders can be bought as a set, or you can turn it into a DIY project and make these at home. Using sturdy ropes and a hook, you can crochet the plant holders in a net-like style so it can hold the tiny planters. The dangling tassels will give off the complete boho look.

Our Final Thoughts

Now that we know the basics of boho interiors and have a few options for wall decor, you can keep adding more layers and decor pieces over time to give your apartment or home a complete boho look. You can do this by incorporating different textiles and patterns, such as rugs, cushion covers, couch throws, etc.

Another easy way to enhance the boho style is by adding planters and greenery inside your home. Bright colored paintings, low-level seating, and different light fixtures like lamps, candles, and lanterns will complete the boho look of your house.