Best Reclaimed Wood Wall Art

There’s an indisputable difference between salvaged wood and reclaimed wood. In case you aren’t aware of it, here it is: Reclaimed wood has been previously processed for a certain purpose, after which it is recycled and utilized for another (or similar) idea. This type of wood can come from any old structure or accessory, such as a barn or wine barrels. On the other hand, salvaged wood has never been processed for prior production and is usually gathered from the forest floor. Therefore, from a green environment point-of-view, it’s always better to get the best reclaimed wood wall art for your home rather than opting for other kinds of wooden art.

Not to mention, rustic wood wall designs add a desirable feature to any room, giving it an overall timeless appearance. Moreover, unlike many other currently decorating wall trends, natural wood styles are here to stay for a long time to come. Case in point, if you’re looking for a few best pieces online, we have you covered in this article with our top five suggestions based on high-starred ratings and customer reviews. However, before we get into it, let’s review the top reasons to buy reclaimed wood wall art!

5 Reasons to Decorate Your Space with Reclaimed Wood Wall Artwork

Whether you’re renovating your living space, office space, or study, there can be several reasons to choose reclaimed wood to update the interior’s style. Some of these include:

1- The History

Each reclaimed wood plank has a history, which itself adds to any art’s background character. Therefore, if you’re looking to integrate something unique in your space that has a deeper undertone or meaning, there’ll be nothing better than opting for reclaimed wood wall art.

2- Preservation of Natural Resources

Not just thousands but millions of trees are cut down every year to be utilized for various purposes, which is an alarming factor considering that trees have a requisite purpose of absorbing carbon dioxide  and producing oxygen. Therefore, the reclaimed wood wall art industry can also effectively work in the preservation of vital natural resources.

3- Non-Toxic Manufacturing Process

Most reclaimed wood companies make it their mission to use minimal toxic materials while creating wood wall art, which is another reason why one should prioritize buying reclaimed wood artwork.

4- Prevents Over-Pollution

The timber industry plays a major part in air and water pollution production due to large-scale harvesting and wood processing. Since reclaimed wood wall art doesn’t require further processing because the wood is already previously treated, it prevents further pollution.

5- Variety

Lastly, unlike what several people assume, you can find an extended range of reclaimed wood wall art to upgrade any space, from wooden frames to carved artwork. Ultimately, you can decorate your house using this eco-friendly material in multiple ways while also enhancing your room aesthetically.

Now that you realize why we suggest getting the best reclaimed wood wall art for your space, let’s review our top five hand-picked suggestions from Amazon so that you can make the final purchase accordingly.

The 5 Best Reclaimed Wood Wall Art to Update Your Home’s Interior

1- Benzara 95452 Wood Wall Plaque

ASIN Number: B01LKC9R50

Our first suggestion is for geometric art lovers who like taking the minimal approach when decorating their space. Made of cyan, light brown, dark brown, blue, and white planks, this Benzara design can add a touch of rustic intimacy to any room with essentially bare walls. Moreover, since the frame is a 20” x 20” square, it can fit into any adequate size space, creating a sudden oomph effect.

2- Deco 79 94600 Geometrical Wooden Wall Decor (Set of 3)

ASIN Number: B01N5Y8T8N

Another best reclaimed wood wall art is this geometrical design Deco 79 artwork that comes in a pair of three frames. It’s the perfect pick to decorate a large wall where you would like to integrate an enhanced focal point without overdoing it. All three square art pieces are 15” x 15” inches, making them neither too small nor too big to fit even on a small-scaled wall.

3- Wall Décor Palm Banana Monstera leaves II Wooden Wall Art


This Wall Décor carved wood art is one of the best wall art pieces you can opt for if you’re looking for eccentricity. The package comes equipped with three frames, each displaying a different style of a carved leaf that you can easily integrate into bedrooms or living rooms to create a unique interior statement. Furthermore, each panel measures 12” x 23”, which is a good size artwork collectively to renovate medium-scale walls.

4- Empire Art Direct Erstwhile Barn 4 Digital Print on Solid Wood Wall Art


On the contrary, if you’re looking for a reclaimed wood wall artwork with all its flaws displayed like a masterpiece, you can’t go wrong with the Empire Art Direct art piece. The frame exhibits a barn-style structure with a tree on the other side, which can be a comforting vintage work to equip in any room, from bedrooms and kitchens to foyers and study. Plus, this 30” x 45” x 1.5” frame comes attached with two sawtooth hangers for your further convenience.

5- Wood World Map Wall Art Large Wall Decor


Our last suggestion in this list is the Wood Sore’s World Map that you can customize to your liking. In other words, the world map wall art offers an online option to pick different sizes and colors of distinct wall maps that you can even pin with special events marks. All in all, this is a minimalistic and inspiring reclaimed wood wall art for any traveling enthusiast.

Our Final Thoughts

Using the given range of options for the best reclaimed wood wall art, you can decorate your entire living space using unique, eye-catching pieces. Moreover, contrary to what some people believe, you can even use reclaimed wood art in your bathrooms and kitchen when you’re looking to add a little zest to the bare walls while inducing some much-needed personality to them. Consequently, it all comes down to picking the right art piece for the right walls to get the best out of your purchase!