Best Christian Wall Art

Interior designing is incomplete without at least a few adorning pieces of decorative wall art casting an oomph effect on your space. After all, staring at the blank walls all day long can only get you so far before they start looking hopelessly bland. However, we also understand how even thinking about choosing the right wall art and placing them aesthetically could feel no less than a dreadful venture. That’s because when you aren’t careful, you may get up a gallery that sticks out like a sore thumb, visually speaking.

The best way to avoid this issue is to lean towards a particular theme that’s neither too over the top nor too dull. For example, instead of picking random artwork, you can use the best Christian wall art – or a variety of them – to give your room a little bit of personality. Case in point, if you’re in search of the best art pieces, we have you covered in this article with our top six hand-picked suggestions.

However, before we begin, let’s go over a few tips on how to hang inspirational wall arts so you can make the best of your buys!

3 Tips on Hanging Inspirational Wall Arts

1- Hang at Eye Level

Several people make the mistake of hanging their artwork too high on the wall. As a rule, interior designers advise hanging artworks 57” off the ground since that’s the average height of a person. Bear in mind that the 57” distance is from the center of the painting to the floor.

2- Treat Your Gallery as One Art

The only exception to the previous rule is when you set up a full-wall gallery instead of hanging a couple of paintings. Case in point, when doing a salon-style wall, you can consume the entire wall, treating it as one art. However, if you’re going for a collage-style gallery, the same 57” rule applies for the frame(s) residing on the center.

Moreover, it’s imperative to leave an equal two to five-inch space between all paintings, so nothing looks cluttered or out of place.

3- Balance Right with Size, Texture, and Colors

When opting to put up only one frame on a wall, it’s best to go for larger wall art, the exact size depending upon the wall’s size. Contrarily, when going for a couple of frames, it’s better to choose somewhat smaller art pieces, so the wall doesn’t look cluttered.

On the other hand, if you’re planning to create an inspirational collage or salon-style gallery, your best bet would be to choose different shape paintings, plaques, and wood hangings. You can even opt for a variety of neutral and color-popping Christian artworks with different textures to add a warm personality to the room.

Now that you know how to decorate the best Christian wall art in your home, you can refer to the following section, where we’ve reviewed the six top artworks on Amazon based on fantastic ratings and reviews!

The 6 Best Christian Wall Art

1- Attraction Design Wood Wall Plaque Faith Sign


This Attraction Design wood wall art is one of a kind with white background plaques and gold writing, exhibiting the quote from Luke 1:37 about faith not making things easier but possible. This Christian plaque comes with a pre-assembled hanger, so you can conveniently hang it on the wall without undergoing any hassle.

2- BEEPBOOP God Says You are Hummingbird Sunflower Canvas


This BEEPBOOP sunflower canvas is the best Christian wall art to opt for if you’re looking for something colorful, inspirational, and out-of-the-box for your home’s interior. The nature-inspired Christian canvas displays hummingbirds around assorted sunflowers, each describing a strong human quality taken from different scriptures.

3- MEMORY MATS & WORD ART Inspirational Word Art


Adding a unique Christian wood-carved wall sign to a gallery can rejuvenate the space’s entire look without making any extra effort. For example, this MEMORY MATS sign has a beautiful metallic style finish, showcasing inspiring words, “Be Still and Know That I Am God. Psalm 46:10.” The best thing about this wooden Christian sign is that it will always match well with your home decor, no matter the interior design.

4- Elegant Signs Joshua 1:9 Be Strong and Courageous Bible Verse Art

ASIN Number: B01KS3M17I

This Elegant Signs wood wall art is one of the most enticing pieces you can find on Amazon with thriving customer reviews. The square Christian art piece exhibits a motivating white-inked scripture from Joshua 1:9 that’s bound to keep your spirits high when you’re home. Moreover, the frame itself comes with a metal hanger, making it easier to hang it onto the wall proficiently.

5- Honey Dew Gifts Pray About Everything Worry About Nothing


If you’re in search of a black-and-white, wooden Christian wall art, you can’t go wrong with this Honey Dew Gifts artwork, displaying the words, “Pray About Everything, Worry About Nothing – Philippians 4:6.” The frame is equipped with a twine hanger, which further adds to the product’s modest look.

6- Lighthouse Christian Products Believe God Will Keep His Promises Wood Plaque

ASIN Number: B01N49VPS9

Our last suggestion in this list is the exquisite rustic wood plaque from Lighthouse Christian Products that you can either mount on the wall or use as a tabletop frame. The plaque is divided into multiple sections, revealing eleven motivational scriptures. Not to mention, the plaques have a beautiful finish of compressed wood, and the item itself comes equipped with a pre-attached wall hanger for further convenience.

Our Final Thoughts

By keeping in mind the three wall art hanging rules mentioned in this article, you can get the best Christian wall art for your home, decorating it aesthetically. Moreover, while the suggestions we’ve made here are perfect to set up your living room, you can also get the mentioned Christian artworks for bedrooms, foyers, and even kitchens for an extra pop of daily inspiration and creativity.