Best Abstract Wood Wall Art

No one likes staring at a blank wall all day long. This is why the best abstract wood wall art pieces are such an essential part of the home decor process. There’s something about rustic wood that instantly transforms you into a place of serenity – removed from the specters of work and the daily stresses of life.

The only hard part about abstract wood wall art is the initial phase where you have to brainstorm new ideas, but the rest of the process is easy (unless you’ve got too many options to choose from).

Read through our list of best abstract wall art pieces to refresh your space.

The 9 Best Abstract Wall Art Pieces

1. Urban Legacy Reclaimed Wood Wall Art (B07LC2PC8Z)

This Amish-made wall art creates a sense of intimacy that creates a sense of grandeur, while the approachable art throughout the piece tone it down just enough to welcome approachability. This piece doesn’t have much color, which gives you the perfect opportunity to introduce colors with additional wall art and other collectibles.

Pro tip: Opt for minimalistic, cohesive frames with an array of colorful variations to spice the decor up.

2. Stratton Home Decor (B07R2SB8CB)

This set is too adorable to be stashed out of sight and out of mind. The metal laser cut provides a subtle yet cheeky contrast to the rustic wooden frame. The traditional artsy patterns are an unexpected treat in any room. Complement this set by decorating tiny framed paintings all around for added effect.

3. Indian Wood Wall Panel (B01CJSG11W)

This oversized wood panel is equal parts laidback and grand. It is designed by artisans from India and will set the tone in any small space. It’s ideal for creating a minimalistic presence or complementing a vibrant abstract paint. You can also hang rustic baskets around the panel in a starburst pattern for filling the room with a chic amber texture that’s hard to miss.

4. Farmhouse Boho Wooden Wall Decor (B08W5C3RDC)

In this minimalist yet sleek design is an abstract painting the can make any room feel polished but completely organic. The wooden wall decor is ideal for bare walls and can be complemented with gold-framed mirrors to animate the room. Designed from solid oak wood, this piece is said to have a shelf life of over 100 years.

The item is designed using eco-friendly materials and all sides of the artwork are coated with a protective oil to maximize its lifespan.

5. Mountains Wall Art (B08NB2RCZP)

This rustic painting of mountains is the perfect way of adding the much-needed charm to any room. The eye-catching paint is made using fade-resistant ink to ensure that the artwork lasts for a long time. All colors are hand-selected by expert craftsmen for precision printing. The overall color scheme lends itself well to fans of minimalism, especially those who prefer working with clean, straight lines (like Scandinavian decor).

6. 3D Wood World Map (B08L7TZWDH)

This three-dimensional wall map can bring your entire room to life. The artist wisely chose to use oak tree for this abstract painting to ensure that it lasts a long time after purchase. Plus, if you’re someone who likes to travel around the world, this 3D map is a great addition to your living room. The best part is that it comes with metal push pins so you can mark areas where you’ve been (or where you would like to travel next).

Overall, this painting is very eco-friendly and will serve as an excellent conversation starter for guests in your home. It’s worth noting that each painting is handmade using birch plywood and all countries are neatly labeled so you know exactly where each place is.

7. Wooden Arrow Set (B086XJV4Z3)

Arrows aren’t just for pointing people in the right direction or traffic signage.  One emerging trend in home decor is to use wooden arrows as wall art to bring attention to the smaller details. Arrows can be pointed in any direction and shapes, sizes, as well as styles – from long and short to narrow and fat – they’re ideal for just about any space.

This set of arrows has high ratings from users and comes in three different color styles.

8. Haus and Hues Abstract Wall Decor (B08WRGKCRH)

It seems that Haus and Hues really wanted something for the true minimalist and came up with this gorgeous painting.

This stunning artwork is bound to uplift your mood whenever you look at it. It has been printed on archival-grade paper with inks that are designed to last. The abstract art goes hand in hand with the glossy finish to give depth and meaning to the image. Ideally, this painting should be placed above a bed in the master bedroom, or you could place it at home in a living room.

It comes in a variety of colors and styles, and would be the ideal wall decor for a Scandinavian-inspired house, or the home of anyone who likes the rustic charm of wood.

9. Canvas Prints Wall Art (B015QU0WZ6)

If you’re in the market for an eco-friendly piece that constantly reminds you of springtime, then this wood wall art is the perfect choice for you. It features beautiful flowers against a wood background to take on a more traditional setting. This wood wall art is ideal for a farmhouse setting, but you can just as easily place it in a modern room.

In terms of longevity, this piece can’t be beat since it is made using fade-resistant HP latex links for a lifespan of up to 100 years.

Our Final Thoughts

If you’ve been searching for the best abstract wood wall art pieces, hopefully, this blog will give you some inspiration. Remember, wood wall art is ideal for anyone who wants to achieve a farmhouse or rustic style look in their room. Not only is wood flexible, but it has served us well for millennia. It’s got the Hollywood charm and mainstream adoration.

But it’s not just wood that can be used to decorate your home. There are other elements that can be used alongside wood, such as glass and plastic. The purpose of this blog was to introduce you to new ideas so that you can refurbish your house in a way that brings warmth and coziness into living spaces.