Best Wood Planks Wall Art

Generally speaking, choosing artworks for homes is treated like a chore that’s stressed over way more than it should. People want an art piece that doesn’t only look good but also speaks to them on another level. However, it’s safe to say that most interior designers these days think of this idea as too mainstream, not agreeing with it. While there’s nothing wrong with connecting to an abstract that speaks to your soul somehow, depending on this fact alone can get you nowhere at most times. Therefore, the only thing that matters when you’re picking out the best wood planks wall art is that it goes well with your interior style and is the perfect size for your walls.

Case in point, if you’re looking for a quick guide on how to choose the right wood planks wall art for your space, you’ve landed on the right page. This article will offer you the best tips on shopping for wood planks art, and we’ll also review our top five hand-picked products on Amazon for your further convenience!

Let’s start!

4 Tips on Choosing the Best Wood Planks Wall Art

We suggest referring to the following tips and tricks when picking a wood planks wall art that speaks for itself in any given room, making an eye-catching style statement:

1- Put Style First

The first thing you need to realize is the style of wood artwork you want in your space. For example, are you looking to bring a vibrant element to your home, or do you want an artwork that induces a tranquilizing effect? The answer will depend upon the room you’re decorating since each space requires a different type of zest to create an aesthetic flow.

For instance, wood planks in bedrooms need to be a bit on the trendy side while also feeling like a natural extension of the room.

2- Decide If You Want the Art to be the Room’s Focal Point

Furthermore, you need to figure out whether the artworks you’re looking for should steal the spotlight in a given room or act as one of the small statement pieces.

For instance, when decorating living rooms, it can be entirely up to you if you want something low-scale that blends naturally with the rest of the furnishing or creates an undeniable central focal point.

3- Size Matters

Not to mention, when it comes to picking the best wood planks wall art, size does matter. That’s because if you opt for such a small artwork that looks entirely negligible, it won’t work in your favor all that well. Similarly, if you choose a wood art piece that’s too large for a wall, it will end up creating a messy look that’s an eyesore.

4- Figure Out If You Want a Set of Wood Planks or Just the One

Lastly, it’s also a good idea to consider whether you want just one wooden frame for a specific wall or a set of planks that you can hang up side by side. Sometimes, getting one frame is not as fascinating as the latter option, especially when you’re going for an intimidating look.

Now that you’re aware of the factors that need consideration before you even start looking for wood planks wall art, let’s review our top picks accordingly!

The 5 Best Wood Planks Wall Art to Upgrade Your Interior Walls

1- Dubodasol Rustic Home Décor the Dandelion Vintage Wood Background

ASIN Number: B07V5MR7NT

Are you in search of a small rustic wood wall art that’s unique enough to create a fantastic sectional focal point? If that’s the case, this Dubodasol’s dandelion artwork will surely take your breath away! The 12” x 16” x 1” rustic brown canvas displays a white dandelion with a green stem, which can easily create a mesmerizing aesthetical element whether you choose to hang it over the study table or your dining table wall.

2- ArteWOODS Lavender Wall Art Bathroom Décor Blue Flowers

ASIN Number: B0834M2RR2

On the contrary, if you’re looking for a white wood panel rustic artwork that’s perfect for bringing in some floral vibes to any room, you can’t go wrong with the ArteWOODS Lavender wall art! This 12” x 16” frame can especially act as the focal point in any room with a lighter shade of walls and natural night stemming in during the daytime, like kitchens and well-lit living rooms.

3- Rustic Arrow Wall Décor-Wooden Chevron Sign Room Décor


The Rustic Arrow wall décor is the perfect accessory for rooms and even empty stairway walls that lack the visual zest and require a modest touch. The package includes three arrow signs in rustic brown, blue, and white colors, each measuring 9” x 9” x 0.7”. Plus, the three panels are equipped with tooth hangers for the user’s further convenience.

4- HANKCLES Rustic Floral Wall Art Sunflower Quote


Another exquisite wood planks wall art is this HANKCLES rustic floral canvas that you can easily integrate into any room that requires lively furnishing, including living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, and even bathrooms. The 16” x 20” frame displays a self-inspiring quote to boost one’s spirits, featuring potted sunflowers and butterflies.

5- ZingArts 3 Panel Canvas Wall Art Dandelion Flower


Lastly, if you’re in search of the perfect three-panel wooden panel art, we have the best pick for you. This ZingArts dandelion artwork can blend in any room, thanks to its grayish background and neutral white print. Not to mention, the 12” x 16” frames come with the necessary hooks and nails to get the canvas up on the bare walls on the get-go.

Our Final Thoughts

The best wood planks wall art delineated in this article can work out as the perfect fit for your home. However, it’s also imperative to consider the four points priorly discussed in this article before making the final purchase. That’s because while all the art pieces you can see here are masterpieces that you would love to have in your living space, you also have to consider your overall room’s aesthetics and wall size to get an artwork that creates a balanced outlook.